Stockport is situated 7 miles south east of the city of Manchester

Visit Stockport Indoor Market with dozens of family run small businesses in this historic setting. Everything from die-cast models & toys, fresh fruit, books, perfume, make-up, celebration cakes, collector cards, hardware, bedding, fresh meat, locally brewed beers and much much more.

Stockport has a population of approximately 135,000, this makes the borough 23rd most populous district in England. Historically a part of Cheshire, in the 16th century Stockport was known for the cultivation of hemp and rope manufacture and in the 18th century the town had one of the first mechanised silk factories in the United Kingdom. Stockport's predominant industries of the 19th century were the cotton and allied industries. Stockport was also at the centre of the country's hatting industry.

Discover Stockport's attractions, including the unique Hat Works Museum, the stunning Bramall Hall, the Air Raid Shelters, Stockport Museum and Vernon Park, the simple yet beautiful Chadkirk Chapel and Town Hall. There are a number of artists based in Stockport, including 60 artists’ studios in Vernon Mill and those that exhibit at the magnificent neo-classical Art Gallery and War Memorial.


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